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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Les chroniques de GAD
      Description: A french blog writen like a comic
      Language: french
      Tags: comics, chroniques, batman, Tintin, GAD, gorillaz
Rolling a Roller Story
      Description: Java,Swing, J2EE and the Liverpool Football Club
      Language: English
      Tags: java, swing, jsp, jsf
Absolutely Random Trivia
      Description: Provides daily random bits of trivia on our blog or in email
      Language: English
      Tags: random, Daily, facts, trivia, Absolutely
21st Century Japanese Queerness
      Description: This is a catalogue of all that is fantastic and futile in J
      Language: English, Japanese
      Tags: japan, food, travel, queer, Japanese, weird, trains, orient
Tarot Oracle
      Description: Tarot kortit ja tulkinnat
      Language: Finnish
      Tags: tarot