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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Welcome to my soul . Gay on a wheelchair
      Description: The day after day story of a very funny Argentinian Gay guy who has to learn how to walk again after living 80 days in a Rehab Clinic
      Language: english
      Tags: music, life, gay, argentina, friends, crazy, wheelchair, handicap, rehab
Vital Wellness
      Description: Health and wellness resources for the mind, body and spirit
      Language: English
      Tags: nutrition, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, biofeedback
I blog therefore I am... - Adult Content
      Description: Someone desperate to be part of the human race--especially its mating and reproductive aspects.
      Language: English
      Tags: blog, love, sex, rant, europe, hate, breasts, girlfriend, masturbation, virgin
Kat's Rant
      Description: Young, English and a total nerd- Kat
      Language: English
      Tags: blog, personal, rss
Reality Realm - Thoughts and Pieces
      Description: This is where I usually write my inner thoughts at the end of a day about school and my life.
      Language: English
      Tags: life, school, singapore, teenager, tp