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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Dinayang Third World
      Description: The blog of a 19-year-old science student in the Philippines.
      Language: English, Filipino
      Tags: television, journalism, showbiz, philippines, ateneo
Weblog Iglu Rulez
      Description: Weblog personal con notícias y críticas de la actualidad.
      Language: spanish
      Tags: weblog, espanol, iglu, inet, rulez
Marc's Journals
      Description: Life in the US Army - Kuwait
      Language: English
      Tags: conservation, ethnoecology
-- :: LIGHT of the MOON :: --
      Description: Photography, Poems, and short fiction - posted every day
      Language: English
      Tags: pictures, life, love, art, photos, poems, photography, poetry, images, Daily, stories, pics, fiction, prose, artistic
rintrah's experiment
      Description: rintrah's experiment is......it just is.
      Language: English
      Tags: politics, religion, Ideas, complain, argue, furious, grit, gripe