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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Incurable Hippie
      Description: About me? Mad, in debt, feminist, radical, angry, pacifist, warrior, flower-power chick... About Hippie blog? Ramblings, fury, giggles and musings about love, peace, friendship, happiness, the state of the world, my life, cool pics, my health and general
      Language: english
      Tags: uk, comedy, politics, mad, sheffield, rant, lesbian, feminist, green, hippy, mental, hamster
      Description: named after my great grandmother, a weblog about my life, buddhism, art, music ...
      Language: English
      Tags: music, society, arts, Buddhism
Pachorra Weblog
      Description: Weblog de um casal estranho e seu dia-a-dia esquisito.
      Language: Portuguese
      Tags: blog, blogger, sex, weblog, brasil, tattoo, brazil, scatology
      Description: No-holds-barred, independent commentary on the Indian media
      Language: English
      Tags: television, india, media, radio, print
A Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho
      Description: A day in the life, random thoughts, letters from soldiers in Iraq
      Language: english
      Tags: iraq, letters