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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Ponto cruz da Zana
      Description: Gráficos de ponto cruz
      Language: portugues
      Tags: life, fun
Where the hell is my job george??-The Yobo Report
      Description: A vent for my frustrations of not being able to find work because of George Bush's stupidity
      Language: english
      Tags: politics, Bush, George, bashing
Hideous Ink
      Description: Allie Parker takes on the world. Or at least pop culture.
      Language: English
      Tags: music, film, movies, indie, Hornby, Eliot
Danse, stage, cours, pensées....
      Description: L'actualite du studio de danse art 'dance
      Language: fr
      Tags: jazz, modern, studio, danse, contemporain, Grenoble, claquettes
Buenos modales
      Description: Blog de literatura (cuento, minificción, reseña).
      Language: español
      Tags: literatura, cuento