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Selected International Blogs from All Over the World

El diario de la chica de ayer
      Description: Mi blog personal y cultural con buen diseo
      Language: Espaol
      Tags: diary, poetry, culture, design busca suplente de diario...
      Description: Personal. Viaje a Australia y de regreso a México.
      Language: Spanish
      Tags: personal

Luka%27s Diary Diario di un sognatore
      Description: Il mio blog personale. Weblog: sito web a met fra diario personale e giornalismo online. Le pagine di un sognatore.
      Language: Italian
      Tags: blog, weblog, blogs, diario, splinder, bloggando

Liberal Patriots
      Description: Tracking the fraud and abuse of power by republicans
      Language: English
      Tags: politics, liberalism, Democrats

Mi Diario
      Description: Esto es lo que sucede en mi diario vivir.
      Language: Spanish Espanol
      Tags: penpals

Random Thoughts on Various Issues
      Description: I basically present opinionated essays on different issues.
      Language: English
      Tags: opinion, politics, philosophy, economics

Estradas de Rio
      Description: Mostra o rosto de Manaus e toda a beleza que a circunda como os rios, seu povo e costumes. Pedacinho escondido no coração da Amazônia.
      Language: Portuguese
      Tags: Rio, manaus, amazonia, rios

Patriotism Stands Tall Here -
      Description: Patriotic
      Language: English
      Tags: patriotism, patriotic