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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

Metal Spoon Non-stick cookware = Disaster
      Description: tales of my life as a newlywed wife
      Language: English
      Tags: teacher, wife, marriage, husband, newlywed, Kindergarten
Random Musings Of A Demented Mind....
      Description: this blog is trash ..absolute trash
      Language: English
      Tags: humour, personal, weird, sarcastic, moblogging, irrational, mean, illogical
Mustered Musings
      Description: personal musingss of an amateur blogger, an experienced software professional from India, working in Nigeria
      Language: English
      Tags: computers, personal, thoughts
vapour trails
      Description: Thoughts on music and everyday life by Rob, Dallas resident and man about town.
      Language: English
      Tags: music, texas, poetry, lyrics, dallas, shoegazer
i am up in the clouds
      Description: typical angst-ridden 17-year-old girl
      Language: English
      Tags: music, jersey, new, Cherry, Hill, britta