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Selected International Blogs from Around the World

      Description: Exploring the limits of pop culture and reality TV - only to find there are none plus news and original articles
      Language: English
      Tags: music, outdoors, culture, Bush, sports, pop, TV, cubs, Mike, Survivor, Kerry, Trail, hike
a jolt of reality
      Description: Just random thoughts and newsworthy ramblings from this radio girl
      Language: English
      Tags: blog, pda, mexico, palm, cyborg, teporocho, abraham
The oddverse
      Description: Translating the works of Brendan O'Flynn from Irish into Spanish. Maybe.
      Language: English
      Tags: television, gay, ireland, randomness, scottish
Hannah's Blog
      Description: Biography and steadily expanding diary of a UK lady. Not disorganised - but a pleasure to read.
      Language: english
      Tags: not, this, about, too, bothered
Hawaii Stuff
      Description: Information, advice and opinions for visitors to Hawaii on places to visit, cool things to do and other stuff.
      Language: English
      Tags: hawaii, hotels, oahu, Maui, Kauai